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For Patients Seeking a Healthy, Holistic, Natural and Biologic Approach

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We are an Oral Surgery practice that is compatible with the principles of holistic and biologic medicine and dentistry. We share the idea that a healthy mouth is an essential part of a healthy mind, body and soul.

We gladly work with your holistic healthcare professionals, dentist and doctor, to help you achieve your optimum health.

Our practice helps to rid patients of difficult teeth with leaky, bacteria-laden cavities and toxic dental restorations. We are a mercury-free practice. We do not use medications with thimerosal or harmful preservatives. When removing toxic teeth and dental restorations, we can provide a protective nasal hood that administers pure oxygen and absorbent sponges to shield our patients from harmful vapors and debris. We use balanced sterile saline as our irrigation and cleansing solution. Our air is filtered. We avoid the use of medical supplies with harmful chemicals like PVC and DEHP. We love and enjoy our practice and the services we provide.

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We have the pleasure of meeting and treating many patients who share the appreciation for a more natural approach to their healthcare. We are happy to provide Oral Surgery in a safe, comfortable manner and environment to promote your well being and happiness.

Dr. Vaughan is a dentist and physician who studied alternative forms of medicine as a part of his traditional medical training. For those seeking a more natural approach, he is proud to offer holistic options to Oral Surgery in Orange County, California and the surrounding counties and communities.

All the best to you and your health!