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L. Stephen Vaughan DDS, MD’s Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery practice leads South Orange County’s standard for full-scope oral maxillofacial and implant technology.

We are home to state of the art equipment that provides the safest and most effective surgical diagnosis and treatment:

Our Cone Beam 3D system is designed to provide greater flexibility in scanning and planning surgical treatment from simple and difficult extractions to multiple dental implants and corrective jaw surgery. This latest advancement in award-winning technology offers a range of innovative features that deliver increased clarity, ease-of-use and control. These scans provide full dentition and the lowest comparable radiation exposure. 3D imaging is an integral part of our practice and can be used to provide digital 2D Panorex images.

Our lightweight IntraOral Camera provides a different visual perspective than our 3D and 2D X-ray. We use this intraoral camera to get a closer image of a specific site or location in the mouth. For instance: oral lesions, cysts, lengths of roots and positioning of dental implants.

VixWin software is designed to enhance our patients’ visual treatment comprehension. This advanced software displays the patients’ CT scans, X-rays and oral images. During your consultation, we display your radiograph and oral images to aid in effective patient-surgeon communication; this way, you receive an interactive approach to your future surgery and have a better visual understanding of your treatment.

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