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"I have seen Dr. Vaughan since 2012 to have an implant done which went really smooth. The whole practice is very well organized, modern and friendly. Everybody including the Doc, took time to explain everything in detail. Recently, I discovered an overlooked wisdom tooth that had to be removed. The healing process took no longer than 36 hours, the surgery went extremely fast.

I had all procedures done with local anesthesia and never needed painkillers (ibuprofen was sufficient).

If that isn't the best you can wish for when seeing an Oral Surgeon!?

I can highly recommend Dr. Vaughan!"


"Went back for my implant last week. The whole procedure including the Pre-op and post-op were extremely professional. Healing took only 48h. Only needed to take some pain killer. Can highly recommend Dr. Vaughan!"


" Best oral surgeon. Great bedside manner, great skill, and very kind. He takes time to talk to you and answer your questions."


"Dr. Vaughan extracted my wisdom teeth and to say he did an excellent job is an understatement. I always had a lot of fear about getting my wisdom teeth extracted and waited until I was almost 30 to do it. Dr. Vaughan is the most skilled oral surgeon in orange county & he made my experience comfortable, quick and my recovery was completely pain free. Highly recommended and all the family members I have referred feel the same way. You are in good hands with Dr.Vaughan!"


" Super scared about getting my teeth pulled, I think everyone can agree that it just doesn't sound like a very fun experience.. Well I'd love To say that I was there this morning @ 8:00am, they started me on nitrous, which really helped me with my fear of needles. They let the nitrous take effect and then started the IV and 2 seconds later, I was awake with all the teeth gone.. Obviously I'm home now, feeling fantastic, ive taken a few days off of work, but I cannot stress enough how great of my experience was with him and his amazing staff... Thank you so much Dr. And staff !! If I ever, for any reason, need more OS, I know where to go and who to send people to!"


" Had a tooth extraction and implant done. Dr. took time to explain everything, so did his staff, everything went well. Probably not the cheapest but can highly recommend."


" I had a very difficult time finding an oral surgeon that would help me! My sister with special needs was staying with me for an extended period of time. She had a tooth that was giving her terrible pain. Because she has special needs and medical problems we were turned away from at least 20 offices in the area. Dr. Vaughan was not only willing, but also very helpful. They got us right in and the staff was so helpful and friendly. The procedure went very well, and we really appreciated the follow up attention that was given to us! I drove from Yorba Linda to see Dr. Vaughan, and we would do it again in a heartbeat next time I need an oral surgeon!

Thank you Dr. Vaughan and staff!"


"Dear Dr. Vaughan,

Thank you for the outstanding professional care you provided to my fourteen year old son David. Your examination of his condition, the evaluation you gave him, and the approach you took in addressing his surgery convinced me that you were the best oral surgeon we could find. The difference between your approach and other oral surgeons we consulted was evident from the start. Not only are you an oral surgeon but you handled David’s case in a superior medical manner because you are also an M.D. The difference was apparent. Your standard of care was that of both a surgeon and a medical doctor. Your examination and review of his case was exemplary, the surgical result could not have been better.

I was impressed that you called to check on David over the weekend following surgery; the careful follow-up you provided him was much appreciated.

Your outstanding reputation in the medical community is well deserved and we remain grateful for your care. "


"Our Dear Dr. Vaughan,

In no way can mere words offer sufficient "thanks" for the kind, timely, most generous service you and your staff provided Jonathan. It was all way above the call of duty and greatly appreciated. "


" After consulting with two internal medicine MDs, an ENT, and a Maxillofacial Surgeon, I saw Dr. Vaughan re a "bump" on the roof of my mouth. The bump had been there approximately two years and I had been told by all the other physicians that it was "nothing”. Dr. Vaughan was immediately concerned and told me what he thought it was and immediately removed it and had a biopsy performed. The biopsy showed that Dr. Vaughan was 100% accurate. It was a malignant tumor. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and caring that Dr. Vaughan and his office staff showed throughout this whole process. I hate to think of what could have happened had I not seen Dr. Vaughan. All of Dr. Vaughan's staff were helpful and caring. Cindy was especially helpful in working with my insurance company and was instrumental in obtaining approval from the insurance company for some other crucial medical tests."


" Staff was helpful, friendly, and made the visit easy! Extraction was quick and relatively painless! Dr. Vaughan was also helpful in taking us through the extraction process! "


" My experience with Dr. Vaughan was very pleasant and professional. I’ve been to the office several times for my dental implant process ( I needed a bone graft in addition to my implant ). Everything was explained to me in great detail. I certainly didn’t expect the process to be cheap. He is a specialist! Even as a single mom with no dental insurance, I didn’t expect anything for free, nor did I EXPECT a discount. But the fee they were KIND ENOUGH to negotiate for my procedure was acceptable. They didn’t have to give me a break, but they did. About the quality of care I received, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my result! He even called me himself to check to see if I was ok. So much so that I have referred my mother, father, and brother to Dr. Vaughan. And they got follow up calls as well. His office is top notch! "


"I was referred to Dr. Vaughan for wisdom teeth extraction from my dentist, Dr. Chien. I was very nervous about the procedure because Dr. Chien, who is an excellent dentist, said my wisdom teeth were growing in a way that's very difficult to extract, and he couldn't do it himself. Everyone hates going to the dentist, but going to a new dental surgeon, for a procedure that my excellent dentist said he cannot perform... boy I was nervous! I went for a consultation before the procedure, Dr. Vaughan and his staff were very friendly and thorough in explaining everything to me, from the pre-op preparation, to the procedure, different types of anesthesia, post-op care, medication, payment options, etc. I was very much at ease by the date of the actual extraction procedure. Everything went smoothly and they even called me a couple days after to check up. "


"Dr. Vaughan made me feel right at ease and answered all of my questions. I am 100% satisfied with the treatment I received there. I had heard so many horror stories from friends about having wisdom teeth taken out that I was really nervous just at my consultation. Dr. Vaughan is extremely knowledgable and he and his staff were the nicest office staff I’ve ever met. His assistant Nicole was very friendly and professional and Glo helped me with billing my insurance. Dr. Vaughan made me feel very comfortable about having general anesthesia to have my wisdom teeth removed and when it was over, I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I would recommend Dr. Vaughan to everyone I know. "